Luke the Cowardly Jedi Theory


Luke the Cowardly Jedi Theory

Who destroyed Luke’s Jedi school was Rey but not Kylo Ren. When she was acessing “the force”, her superpower had blown up the headquarters of the order and killed most of the Padawans. Some escaped like Luke, Kylo and others, no one knows what happened except Luke, not even Rey understood what happened.

Knights of Ren, in turn, are Luke’s own Jedi school dedicated to training padawans as “gray jedi” where they blend elements from the dark side and light to balance, training was risky. The school was led by Kylo Ren, who helped by survivors of the Knights of Ren, confronted Luke to reveal what had happened in the destruction of the temple but Luke , trying to protect the girl, refuses to give information what caused the streak Luke vs. Kylo: a great fight where died the rest of had survived the temple destruction. Kylo still did not know it had been a padawan .

From that moment on, Luke, in an act of desperation, took the girl and isolated her on the most inhospitable planet possible (Jakku) and became a refugee and all this is what shows a vision of the Rey in “Force Awankens”.

In the past, Obi Wan created the story that “Anakin had been killed by Vader” to protect Luke as a child, so Luke, to protect Rey as a child, created a story that “the whole Jedi school massacre made by Kylo Ren that alone defeated Luke and killed all others Jedi “in a obviously fake version. Kylo Ren, seeing that Luke was blatantly lying, had the process of disillusionment with Luke increased which led him to ally with Lider Snooke (who knows about Rey) and continue the same process of “middle way” because after the events of “The Return of the Jedi” every user of force is already a part of “gray art”: Kylo did not convert “from the light to the dark side” he only continued the same practice by changing teachers.

Obi Wan lied to protect Luke who did the same to protect Rey

When Luke run away, he went after the first Jedi Temple to understand what “raw power” was that . In the trailer he says “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.” what was qualified by fans of “cowardly Luke”. Fans thought Luke would be referring to Kylo Ren but not, he was referring to Rey. He has seen this “raw power” of Rey before in the event of the destruction of the school and he initially thought he could deal with it but he does not want to contact it anymore because he has not been able to elucidate what the phenomenon is.

Luke will finally understand that she is a manifestation of the force: she is the soul or the spirit of Anakin / Darth Vader being her “the chosen one” which in turn manifests itself from time to time in an increasingly powerful way in an evolutionary process when “force” perceives a disturbance.

Luke already have suspected of that and he created his school with the concept of the “Gray Jedi”

which would solve the problem but it was in this attempt that generated all the destruction of the school then for Luke now on the problem is “the Jedi” and for that reason he gives his sentence “the Jedi must end”: the problem is the “concept of being Jedi” whether he is a practitioner of any force, in Luke’s new vision the force must be used as “gray” and access to all in a vision similar to the “Snoke Leader”.

In the middle of the movie, Kylo Ren will discover that a girl destroyed the Jedi school and that she is the King herself and will also discover the explanation for her, which will disgust Kylo and so in the trailer Kylo destroys “Vader’s mask” that Rey is the manifestation of Darth Vader himself.

As we can see, in a “Force Awankens” scene where appears a shadow of Darth Vader appears associated with Rey signaling that both are one same person.

At the end of the movie, Rey will be a problem and she will be lost. She will meet Snoke but this approach of Rey and Snoke will lead to the death of Snoke who will be resurrected in episode 9 as he is Darth Plagueis (this revelation will be done in the episode 9).


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