Betty La Fea


The twist: Ugly Betty became beautiful

That show, “Yo Soy Betty La Fea” (“I Am Betty the Ugly”), could have been another one of the telenovelas — the nightly soap operas featuring a breathless blend of camp, melodrama and cliffhanger — that dominate primetime programming in Colombia. But its creator, Fernando Gaitán, had greater ambitions. He wanted to critique the legendarily superficial culture of his country, which has so many beauty pageants it has run out of cities to name them after. So Mr. Gaitán created Beatriz Pinzón Solano, a woman with brains ,Betty holds a master’s degree in economics, a heart and a face so unfortunately contoured that it comes as a relief to find her forehead hidden under a fringe of oily black bangs.

During all show , we thought betty was fea(ugly) but in the ending betty reveals herself as a beautiful woman.

John Sinclair, author of the book “Latin American Television: A Global View.”, stated :  “With Betty, she is able to change her unfortunate situation not by discovering her father was secretly a very rich man but by discovering she is beautiful.”

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