Spider-Man’s new suit is fan service

Spider-Man just leapt into the final shot of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, tingling spidey-senses across social media. The clip lasts only a couple seconds, but gives fans their first clear look at the web-slinger’s new suit. Marvel could not have designed a more nostalgic look.

I unconditionally love all Spider-Man movies, and yet the outfits have never quite won me over. The designs fall somewhere between future-military gear and and an Under Armour fashion show. For both Sam Raimi’s trilogy and the pair of Amazing Spider-Man films, the styles were too realistic, including protective mesh and raised webbing.

The new design is a throwback to the original Spider-Man look, along with the 1960s cartoon that is now just as well known for the memes it spawned. The costume’s red and blues are bright and flat, and the eyes animate like a cartoon. Even the small details match, like how the blue underarm patch ends at the elbow joint and the red boot stops at the calf.

There are a few additions, like the black strap on the arm that looks like an impossibly thin health monitor. And there are three ridges at the waist. Perhaps they’re webbing holsters? But the changes are so slight that they don’t distract from the design’s purpose: to pluck the nostalgic heartstrings of fans like me, who wore a near identical costume on nearly every Halloween of their childhood.



  • SteveRogers

    Well that’s clearly just Mac Gargan in disguise as Spider Man, am I right?

    • SteveRogers

      Or maybe Stilt Man. I’m still in the early stages of my investigation. But rest assured, there is a plot twist afoot here SO HUGE that your brain will LITERALLY EXPLODE.

  • SteveRogers

    Holy plagiarism Rick you didn’t even write this. You just copied-and-pasted it whole-cloth. Behold:

  • Nacnud298

    What about this one? Did you write this? You can tell me. I won’t be mad.

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