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The Green Lantern movie of 2011 was created with little risk: a good CGI, 3D, beautiful and famous actors, an easy plot, jokes, a known character and eventually a total loss of 110 million… In contrast, X-Men: days of future past with time travel, two Xaviers, two Magnetos and became the bigger box office of all X-Men.

The Nolan trilogy ended with a few loose ends. The negative reaction to Gal Gadot’s Wonder woman, Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor and Ben Affleck’s Batman back when they were announced led to almost 150,000 people signing a petition asking them to turn down their roles, summed with the difficulty of creating a universe with complicated films like Shazam, Aquaman, Cybog, Wonder woman … for a generation that sees DC as a Flash Gordon can be done ….


Ben Affleck’s Batman Is the Biggest Plot Twist Since Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker!

The thesis was created by Rick, editor

The aim of the thesis is not be 100% accurate, because there is no way of knowing the details, but the goal is that the basis of the thesis is true.


As shown in the above image, Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas are the chief producers of Batman V Superman (BvS) and also of entire DC universe. Imagine, if I did a thesis, before the Interstellar movie be released, saying that astronaut Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) was behind the closet of your room sending messages from a parallel reality within a hypercube created by fifth-dimensional beings that unite love with science, for that his daughter (Murphy) create a scientific formula to save humanity. What would you say? Surely, you would have sent me to an asylum. But, when we see Interstellar , we discover that Nolan told exactly that “crazy” story and the result was: success, a big box office and four Oscar nominations.

Read topic to topic not skip.



I= Plot Twist

A plot twist is a radical change in the expected direction or outcome of the plot of a novel, film, television series, comic, video game, or other work of narrative. It is a common practice in narration used to keep the interest of an audience, usually surprising them with a revelation”[]

From Empire Strikes Back and The Sixth Sense to The Dark Knight Rises, many movies have included plot twists that shocked fans worldwide.

IMDB (2)

Before Batman Begins was released, it was reported that Liam Neeson would play Henry Ducard and Ken Watanabe would play Ra’s al Ghul. Of course, now we know that Ken Watanabe was a puppet and Liam Neeson was the real Ra’s al Ghul. But at the time, Watanabe even gave interviews as if he were playing Ra’s al Ghul.

Magazines, interviews and official marketing has helped to hide plot twists :


But the Oscar-winning actor, Ben Kingsley wasn’t the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. He was a puppet. Note the use of renowned actors for audience not suspect. In this thesis, I have gathered evidence about something very similar that is currently happening before the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and therefore changing the entire DC extended universe as we know it.



II= A lot of contradictions



What we are seeing above is a lot of contradictions that are trying to hide what will happen in the movies. There are a lot of mysteries in DC universe on big screen and a lot of inconsistencies. The same contradictories “news” are saying now that Batman story is: Retired because of the tragedy of a Robin and being coincidentally in metropolis during the battle (Kalel and Zod), he gets a mid-life crisis . Batman decides to come back and fights against Superman because his employees died. This version is absurd, a retired fighting against an alien who destroys cities with punches? Why Batman put his employees above the rest of civilians killed? What Robin is it, Jason? what Jason? because 99% of the public doesn’t know who is Jason and I guess that would be more appropriate to have a known Robin to show some drama with him.


III= Thesis Explanation


In the first trailer, Zach Snyder has put a lot of Spray graffiti on pilasters and the Riddler’s symbol. This doesn’t mean that “the Ridler” will be in the film, but instead indicates that there is a great enigma to be solved in the upcoming movie. But what enigma could this be?



See above, how second trailer of BvS links the term “Wayne” to Ben Affleck in a very strange way. The trailer shows affleck talking on the phone and this indicates that the character knows that is going to the building of “wayne enterprises” and the public as well, so it is unnecessary to leave a piece of metal to half a meter of him explaining everything again and edge the board “wayne enterprises” pointing to ben affleck.


It would have been like if in a “X men” movie , every place that Hugh jackman had walked would have a signal with an arrow pointing on him saying “Wolverine” . It would be strange because we know that he is Wolverine.What we deduce from this is that the trailer tries to corroborate Ben Affleck as Wayne, perhaps to confront the majority of fans who didn’t want him or maybe for another simple reason :


Keep calm. He will be another character wearing the cowl, something that we have seen many times in comic books.Man of Steel tried to show a realistic Superman because of the success of the Nolanverse , they are happening within the same universe.  Bruce Wayne is Christian Bale and Joker is Heath Ledger.They are also going to use the question of “Robin-Villain”.It can sound weird, but it’s a tradition in DC’s comic books and animated movies :



As soon as Jared Leto was cast as Joker, I was the first to say (in English) that he was a Robin. Jared leto’s shoulder marks also appear on Robin’s costume and shoulder marks just can have been done by the constant use of Robin’s costume.What confirm that Jared leto was a Robin, but which Robin? Robin John Blake who was played by Joseph Gordon levitt (obviously they changed the actor for this new phase ) but note how similar Leto and Levitt are in terms of height, weight and face.


He’s an ordinary Robin with his identity already revealed in his own name, like Robin in “TEEN TITANS” cartoon. This can be shown similar to the animation Batman beyond: return of joker. The Joker tortured Tim drake for weeks and put a chip in your mind that altered his genetic changing the color of your skin, hair and eyes, turning him the “Joker” of future. I don’t think that they will use the issue of “genetic modification” but that they will do something more realistic as blue contact lenses and painted green hair.


If you catch the beginning and the end of character’s name, you will see that Nolan and Goyer knew exactly what they were doing: John blake , we see the word JOKE. For this they put as Easter egg in a music on Suicide squad trailer:

“I started a joke which started the whole world crying. But I didn’t see that the joke was on me”    

 1- I started a joke which started the whole world crying 
 2- But I didn’t see that the joke was on me 
 3- As Joker , he writes ‘ Joke’s on you Batman’ on Robin custume.Why ? 

Which joke is being referred to?

 1- The end of the Nolan trilogy! It was a joke that Robin John Blake started because the trilogy will continue. When the trilogy ended, everyone cried. Many people even signed a petition and complained in order to get another Nolanverse movie.FimTrilogia
2-  However, Robin John Blake is the character that continues the trilogy on the big screen, the joke was on him: john blake.
3-Because Ben Affleck isn’t Bruce Wayne.

These are the three points of Plot twist: Trilogy will continue, Jared leto is Robin John blake and Ben affleck isn’t Bruce wayne.

The “Joke” sprayed graffiti on Robin’s suit shows up below ‘R’ (for Robin) and Jared Leto’s ‘J’ tattoo:


In fact, they used two actors for the same role in this franchise before:Katie Holmes and Maggie gyllenhaal who played Rachel dawes.


Many people said that Nolan lost time developing Robin in “The Dark Knight Rises” and ended the movie with him.Some people said it was as if they had planned to continue. But do you think that Nolan’s development of Robin(by 2H:45M) was pure guesswork? Even as the card of Joker in “Batman begins” was the signal of villain “The Dark Knight” sequel,  Robin was developed and Bruce Wayne became a refugee because this ending of trilogy is the beggining DC universe on big screen.That’s the genius idea taken by Nolan and Goyer when they wrote the script for MOS during the recording of TDKRChristian Bale will be a surprise actor in the franchise in the same way that made Matt Damon in interstellar.

The Spoilers said:

“There is a secret  actor in BvS”

“There will be several batman clothes, many Batmobiles” .

One way to discover movie secrets is analyzing the toys because even before the movie’s release they have to be produced. Analyzing the toys of BvS has made , we found that even a doll will Christian Bale’s face had been produced. The official excuse is that “a fan” would have developed , but it’s hard to believe that people with homemade materials would produce a doll with such perfection:


The suit with yellow bat is different from affleck’s suit . The face of action figure is very similar to Christian bale. The yellow bat is different from Ben affeck, but similar to Dark Knight trilogy.


The action figure scale respects the height of Christian bale (that is seemed with cavill height) however affleck is taller.From the same source there are other dolls:


Now, we see the Ben Affleck’s doll.The same thing happened before “the dark knight rises” where a Ras al ghul’s doll popped up. Ras wasn’t cast in the film, they said it was a pirate toy.In movie, we see that Ra’s al Ghul appears in a hallucination and that same toy was to store.To resolve this mystery, we find that the suit with yellow bat has official foundation inside BvS project :


We see the bat of trilogy in the chest and art background. The art (this on letterhead) is signed by Steve Scott, the same who created bale’s batsuit  in “the dark knight” . The curious thing is the phrase  “Ben wants no nipples .” Does Ben Affleck really imagined that they would return with nipples? Or that phrase is something with double meaning ? Because in great corporations, sometimes, trade secrets appear in memos that several employees will read , so they insert a sentence of double meaning where only the board (directors/CEO) know what means. Bale auditioned for Batman in Val Kilmer’s suit  and after getting the role, Bale said he didn’t want the nipples . 


In the middle of 2013, they offered $ 50 million for Bale come back as Batman in BvS.Bale will appear at the end of BvS and be a part of Justice League 1 and 2, and this is why: Justice League‘s pre-production starts in January 2016, but the recordings only start two months after the release of BvS. If they initiated filming the movie before, Bale would have been seen on site frequently. Bale got a free agenda : Your movie “Untitled Terrence Malick Project“(premiere in 2016) is in pre-production. His upcoming projects “The Promise“(premiere in 2016) and ” Jungle Book: Origins” (premiere in 2017) These are being filmed.What is very strange because actors record in advance when they will have conflicting projects on those dates . Bale will have 2016 ,2017, 2018, 2019… 100% free at the same time that Warner has scheduled DC universe on big screen.

Remember the news : Christian Bale ‘jealous’ of Ben Affleck playing Batman . He said : there was always a bit of me going, Oh go on … let’s do another” .This type of statement is identical to those given by Marion Cotillard when she said that she wasn’t Talia alGhul ,however, to each new interviews that Cottilard was giving it was increasingly obvious that she was Talia:



IV= Ben affleck’s Purpose in the Franchise


Ben Affleck is Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). In comic books , He’s an anti-hero and mercenary metahuman who suffered experiences with a serum in the army and uses 90% of brain. 


Slade Wilson
Bruce Wayne
– His Batman is very strong, because he’s a meta-human
– His batman is a trained human
– Taller than superman
– Lower than superman
– He’s resistant to shoot and he has healing power
– He’s a ordinary human, he’s mortal
– He’s violent and kill
– Bruce doesn’t kill
– He uses firearm
– Bruce doesn’t use firearm


 Slade Wilson
Bruce Wayne
– Antihero
– Antihero
– Last name with W
– Last name with W
– Robin as a pupil
– Robin as a pupil
– Mansion and british butler
– Mansion and british butler
– Technological equipment to fight
– Technological equipment to fight

Because of this, in trailers , we see someone like Bruce but a “super Batman” with super strength, super speed , super stamina and and killing bad guys.Ben Affleck’s contract with DC is a similar case to that of actor Sebastian stan who signed with Marvel / Disney to 9 movies where he plays more than one character: Bucky (Captain America’s sidekick), The Winter soldier (villain), and in the future he (probably) will be another Captain america alter ego, replacing actor Chris Evans who plays Steve Rogers, the original Captain America.Ben Affleck has a contract for many movies where he will play another alter ego Batman and Deathstroke (Slade Wilson).Batman has always been Bruce wayne in movies so they will do something new to honor the comic books and create the Plot twist: putting other character (Deathstroke) to take Batman. In this chronology, Deathstroke took Batman after Bruce wayne bacame a refugee in The Dark Knight Rises . Jeremy Irons’s role isn’t Alfred because in this universe , aflred is Michael kane. Irons is legendary William Randolph Wintergreen, Deathstroke’s Butler.For this he said :


Because he’s going to play another character and the audience will feel the difference.In comic books he was a British major that when he was dying ,then Deathstroke saved him. Wintergreen became Deathstroke loyal partner and butler.

They are following the same strategy:

Batman Begins , two different role disclosed: Liam Neeson and Ken Watanabe.

The dark knight rises, two different role disclosed: Marion Cotillard and Gordon levitt.

BvS, two different role disclosed: Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons.

Suicide squad, two different role disclosed: Ben Affleck and Jared leto.


V= The proof

Do you believe in thesis of plot twist?


Because, Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) was the Batman in comic books. It was in “Outsiders” 2005 , you must see the similarity (look out):


Note the size of the ear, in cowl shape, the cape style falling shoulders with fabric nodes accumulating , the shape of the chest ….it’ss all very similar, is it a big coincidence? We can even say that Ben Affleck’s Batman is visually inspired by Deathstroke’s Batman. Why would Ben Affleck’s Batman be visually inspired by a comic where Batman is not Bruce Wayne? Again, it’s because Ben Affleck is not Bruce, he is Deathstroke a.k.a. Slade Wilson.Zack Snyder bent Ben Affleck’s neck (in the scene) making an reference to outsiders comic book (2005) where Deathstroke’s Batman is also with the neck bent, giving a great clue that both are the same.In that story, Deathstroke wore Batman’s cowl to catch “arsenal”(a titan) but they won’t use that story, they will take the concept of Deathstroke’s batman from there, but If you look at the cover of the ‘Outsiders’ comic book, there are even more clues:


Note that:

Deathstroke’s Batman uses a sword and Affleck’s Batman also uses a sword/spear in the trailer (You can see both of these highlighted with blue arrows). The cover of ‘Outsiders’ puts a question mark to ask whether this is the real Batman, and the same thing is seen within the trailer (You can see both of these highlighted with red arrows).Affleck’s body in the trailer is being shown in the same way that Deathstroke’s Batman is shown on the cover of this comic book.Let’s compare Ben Affleck with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) as a civilian.


Ben Affleck is very seemed with slade Wilson (Deathstroke).Now, Deathstroke (slade wilson) as batman , without cowl being compared with affleck :


Look at the body design,, muscles. Everything is identical.Deathstroke became Batman, but he keeps his goatee just like Ben Affleck also has a goatee (red arrow).They didn’t have put the eye patch (to outwit). I will explain about it later. Now, how Jeremy Irons looks like Wintergreen :


Below, we see how Zack snyder is trying to show us that Ben affleck is Deathstroke. Both are in a Gothic city, standing in an edge of a building (blue arrows) with horizontal stripes (red arrows) and their capes are swinging under her arms.


Zack Snyder, in his movies, like to do references to comics. In next picture we will see another reference he made in BvS to show us that Ben Affleck is Deathstroke (Slade Wilson):


In 1992, there was a comic book where Wonder woman (Diana) meet and fight against Deathstroke In “Entertainment weekly” magazine photos we can see Ben affleck dancing with Gal gadot (Wonder woman).The photo is an obvious reference to that comic book . Gadot is positioned to the body of Ben Affleck in the same way that Wonder Woman is in comic book with Deathstroke . We can see that Gadot turns his face at the same angle that Wonder Woman does in comic book just on the page where she will turn his body toward to Deathstroke. Also note that Gadot is with a very similar dress to that comis cook as well as your hair is combed just like the Wonder Woman in that story like herself is very seemed with that wonder woman.

Zach Snyder gave us one more clue that Ben Affleck is Deathstroke.In the game Injustice Gods Among Us, we have a “Superman Evil” that becomes a global dictator. Each character has their own phrases to say during the fight. One of Deathstroke’s phrases is,“I‘ll make you bleed”. Which is awfully similar to Ben Affleck’s ” Do you bleed? You will”.  That’s quite a coincidence.


Won’t it be messy? No, it has been done both in comics and in the movies .So, the fight between Batman and Superman, won’t happen ? Exactly.The fight will be between Deathstroke and Superman clone (bizarro). Is there some comic book with seemed history ? That’s what we are gonna see now…


VI= Animations and New 52 clues


In ‘New 52’ there are many Superman clones created by Lex Luthor : One is the “Superboy” (Kon-ElConnor Kent) which is not exactly “evil”. There is “Match” that is a clone of Kon-El (clone to clone) and a Superman evil coming from a parallel Earth “the Superboy-prime” and everything is correlated with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) and his daughter Ravager (Rose Wilson). Rose Wilson was kon-el’s girlfriend. Deathstroke, who is always in Gotham, recruited “Match” to be part of Titans east. In the final battle against “the Superboy-prime”, he and his daughter (Rose) were there. We see these events in the image below:


You might say that Rose Wilson is not cast to BvS, are you sure? Because there is an actress cast to BvS which his character is kept in secret for years, is Jenna Malone.The character has both blonde and ginger hair at times, just as Malone has been seen since being cast in the movie:


Remember that In “New 52”, ​​Batman is not Bruce Wayne . Following the “New 52” we had the saga “convergence” where we have a meeting of different worlds with multiple Batmans and multiple supermans.There are also animations of DC that are used to prepare the public for movies. From one year of the release of BvS, DC throws :


Here, we have two Batmans, two Supermans and two Wonder women, three are good and three are bad . The “evil Superman” is artificially generated from General Zod being a kind of test-tube baby! 


In another animation “Justice league: crisis on two earths” it has several Batmans and Supermans. Deathstroke is US president.

Teen Titans Go is currently the biggest DC cartoon. Below, we can see a big easter egg in Teen Titans Go with elements very seemed with this thesis.


In all comics, sagas and timelines, as well as in recent animations and even games, the DC has used multiple Batmans , Supermans and Deathstroke. This is more proof that it will be used on big screen, but in a more realistic way by using another alter ego of Batman and cloning.


VII= The voice of colors

In comic books each character has its colors.A way that we can recognize a “easter egg” in a movie, is looking for the colors.


Ex: The “joke” sprayed graffiti on robin suit (yellow) and written in newspaper (red) : The yellow and red colors are intrinsically linked to Robin (not to joker) and this is a signal that was robin who, did it.Following this line of reasoning we realize that when Liam neeson was issued as Henry Ducard (and he was the Ras al ghul) he wore in the movie clothes with style and color equal to the Ras al ghul in comics and so did Marion Cotillard.So, we should look at the colors and types of clothing that Ben Affleck is using and all the time is blue. Even has children’s version in light blue, but Batman is classically gray and black ,but ben affleck uses too much blue in the movie and we know that blue is the color of Deathstroke (Slade Wilson).Similarly, jeremy irons is always greenish tones and green is the color of Wintergreen. Confirm in the comparison below:



VIII= Batman “V” Superman: What does the “V” stand for ?

The “V” doesn’t mean versus, that is “VS”.

Some people said that “V” could mean PLUS. It’s a mistake ‘cos in Hollywood the “plus” in movie titles is identified with the term “and” as in “Batman and Robin (1997) “or with “+” sign .

Others said that it is an analogy of lawsuits where a first part is complaining of a second part. Again, it’s a mistake ‘cos heroes have nothing to do with legal issues and the symbol used for these cases is a Vs or V. like “Corporation 1 Vs Corporation 2” or “Corporation 1 V. Corporation 2” but in title of BvS movie there is no “s” there is no “.” there is only a solitary “V” in title.

The explanation is simple because V is a Roman numeral and roman numerals are used in Hollywood to identify the number of the movie as in “Godfather II” , what that means is very simple:






The “V” is a symbolism of the fifth part of a movie franchise like was in “Star wars V the empire strikes back”.


Below, another easter egg in Teen titans cartoon:


We know that the V actually means 5. In the ‘easter egg’ above, they feature a pun using the number 5 instead of an S. Please note the difference between the ‘S’ of superman logo (on Superman’s chest) and the ‘S’ inside Batman’s logo. The ‘V’ doesn’t show up because the ‘S’ means 5. This hints that it is the fifth part of the franchise.


IX= Did media know ?


In March 2014, as we can see above, many sites (as Kevin jacobsen of ENSTARS) reported that an anonymous writer claimed to know official information that BvS would take place in the Nolanverse.He says that Thalia and Bane could not be used, but Bruce retirement (TDKR) would be . That original Joker is Heath ledger and he did somenthing with Robin. He says about a lapse in time ( 7 years ).Two months before , the Brazilian journalist Ana maria bahiana , which covers years ago Hollywood and is one of the “foreign” journalists who vote at the Golden Globes, reported in your blog:



Ben affleck as batman ? Probably not”


“I just know from a good source – Ben Affleck will not be Batman in Zach snyder’s batman v superman movie “


Technically Ana was right …. for this she didn’t come back to explain, but she has no knowledge of comic books.The evidence are surround us and what can we say about all confusion concerning Deathstroke’s role in suicide squad movie ?

– Latino review told us that Jim parrack’d be Deathstroke, but like Parrack had to show up in movie photo , we found out that he was jonny frost.

– After, some people said that Joe Manganiello’d be Deathstroke, what, is fake.

– At the end, some people said that Scott Eastwood would be Deathstroke what is fake too. Scott doesn’t look anything like Deathstroke and he was put in movie to outwit like Ken watanabe in Batman begins.

Ben affleck will show up in Suicide squad movie , for this spoilers said “Deathstroke will have a great participation in suicide squad movie”. In 2013, “Screenrant” reported :


Goyer appears as DC architect and he said that’d use Deathstroke. “Team 7” is a super team, which deathstroke participate. Why doesn’t they give us a  signal ?


A word to the wise, however.


X=Trailers to instigate and mislead

 JJ Abrams directing “Star Trek: Beyond darkness” placed in the trailers completely different situations as they appeared in the film.In the BvS trailer, Bruce’s parents are seen getting murdered. The scene likely opens the film and is a dream sequence that will wake Ben Affleck (Deathstroke) up! The dream makes an analogy of Slade as a father leaving his family die (in MOS events).Something like this was done in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). The movie begins with the death of Bruce’s parents, but soon we discover that they weren’t Bruce’s parents. That scene was made to hide a Plot twist as in BvS:


The face on the wall of Tomas wayne may appear in the same dream. Remembering that in “The Dark Knight” Nolan put a picture of Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) at a funeral more digitally the photo was changed to the actor Colin McFarlane (Loeb commissioner) who, was killed by the Joker.A rumor was circulating that says, “Batman with vintage clothing” fighting the red capes can be a dream, the scene affleck would be shot by the red capes and then wake up.Dream sequences are often used in trailers to mislead us, particularly in superhero movies. We saw this in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.If you look back at every Trailer that has been released so far, Ben Affleck is never referred to as Bruce Wayne, which only strengthens this thesis,  but the next trailers may to attempt to outwit us . Ex : The sound of someone talking ‘Wayne’ and show affleck’s face without the character of speech is successfully talking with him or ben affleck kneeling to a tomb (which may be any person).These “dreams” instigate: Tomas wayne “face” reminds us of Tomas wayne of Flashpoint as well as the fight against “the red capes” reminds us of Batman in comic book “ Redson” (alternative comic where Superman is Soviet) . Both ‘Red son’ and ‘Flashpoit’ feature a Batman that isn’t Bruce wayne. In Flashpoint , Batman is Tomas wayne and in “Red son” Batman is an anonymous Russian that did have their parents killed by Stalin.


The message that all of it is showing is :

– Parallel universes

– Multiverses

– Batman isn’t Bruce wayne


XI= Transition between universes

Man of Steel already inhabits the same universe as Christian Bale’s realistic universe and, as stated before, both were created by Nolan and Goyer .You can say that there are no “super-powered beings” in the Nolan trilogy, are you sure? The Dark Knight Rises introduced Bane, a meta-human that is super strong, super tough and has cables attached to his body and these cables give him ‘superpowers’ (which is typical from comics) and even allow him to break a pillar with a punch in the movie. 


Bane was set in TDKR as the villain to show how less-realistic powers can exist within that universe.

What happened after TDKR ?

MAN OF STEEL (MOS) in the meantime Robin john blake protects gotham and bruce wayne becames a refugee.The joker (Heath ledger) free after TDKR defeated Robin John blake , transforming him in a crazy man like he did with Harvey dent (TDK).Before, robin was Joseph gordon levitt and now he is Jared leto: The “Joker” of jared leto seems Joseph gordon levitt with make up:


– Joker (heath ledger) can have joined criminals as deadshot, killer croc and others.

-Dr. harley quinn (margo robbie) was Heath ledger joker’s psychiatrist . Dr. harley was going crazy for this ,with the new escape (or death) of the Joker, it is designed to treat “crazy Robin”. Robin electrocute the doctor leading her to the madness.


– Production can use extra images left by Heath Ledger in TDK how to use CGI effects. They still can say that he died in franchise (pós-TDKR) or just quote him.


Why did Deathstroke (slade wilson) takes batman’s cowl?

There is no way to know how it will be displayed. So, I will analyze based on comics, trailers, easter eggs and spoilers. But they can show in a different way.

– How did you see , Deathstroke was the batman in comic books.

– Deathstroke already was league of shadows leader (this same group shows up in nolan trilogy).

– Deathstroke works by mercenary contracts, thus bruce wayne refugee can have contracted him to take batman’s cowl ‘cos ghotam people ever accept batman figure.

Why do Deathstroke(slade wilson) mourn about robin ?

– In many comic books and animations, Deathstroke (slade wilson) take the “robins” as your sidekick. In “teen titans”cartoon it happened :


In that cartoon, Robin and Deathstroke (slade wilson) lived a troubled relationship . Slade was trying shape him your way, but Robin didn’t accept it. In teen titans cartoon “Robin” is generic , is Robin in concept literally like Nolan did in TDKR ( years later teen titans cartoon changed and inserted graysson/tim drake concept).

– Slade/robin are a duo so famous as batman/robin.

There are more clues :

Ben affleck’s car  :


Anoher clue is “wayne manor” in BvS trailer , here there are two options and both only reinforce the thesis :

Option 1 :
Option 2 :


The design of mansion could be changed from one film to another as it was from begins to TDKR. The image can be from the back of the mansion.
In comic books, slade wilson has a mansion, this may be the wilson mansion that was attacked by bizarre or in some other situation. Compare the similarity between wilson mansion in “teen titans: judas contract” with the BvS trailer Mansion:
Timeline :

Batman identity wasn’t leaked at end of TDKR, for this they did a statue to Batman, but not to bruce wyane. Only those Some a little bunch of people who know (they are those who are in symbolic bruce funeral).

There is no problem of characters such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and others regarding Nolan trilogy because they also do not appear in “Man of steel”. It’s the appearance of Superman publicly that causes the appearance of several meta-humans within that franchise.

Now, let’s go to a probable timeline : TDKR ending ‘til BvS beginning.



Let’s go to a movie timeline :


Nolan creates an easter egg, in kubrick style, at the end of The Dark Knight Rises announcing all DC Universe:



XII=How long is there this universe ?

 From Batman Begins to TDK has passed years(3,4,5 or 6), we can see the child’s growth of Gordon.In the end of TDK, Batman takes on Hervey dent’s crimes and batman hides for 8 years.He rises in TDKR and during the movie has been 1 Year (look for the passage of the seasons).We have (3,4,5 or 6) + (8) +(1) = 12/13/14 or 15 years. Bruce escapes to Europe and then occurs Man of steel and after BvS. There is a lapse time between the trilogy and these new movies.This can be shown directly or from Trilogy to MOS one part and from MOS to BvS another part.

Kevin jacob (enstars site) speaks that the time lapse total from trilogy as being 7 years, they can consider 4 years in TDK. It would be 4 + 8  + 1 + 7 = 20 years. 

Jeremy irons saysin the trailer : “20 years in Gotham and how many good guys are left?” 

From Nolan trilogy until new movies were 20 years or something very close to it .


XIII=Suicide squad

It is the sixth movie franchise, but show events before BvS .The film won’t go on big screen before because if it would reveal the whole secret of BvS.

There is no way to know how it will be displayed. So, I will analyze based on comics, trailers, easter eggs and spoilers. But they can show in a different way.

Much of the movie takes place in Gotham ‘cos it’s in the same universe of the Nolan trilogy.

As the film opens the bad guys are already put in jail by Deathstroke (Ben Affleck). The plot comes from that spoiler “the government hates Batman and cannot find him,” it refers to the fugitive batman of nolan trilogy. Amanda waller want to find the original Batman (Bruce Wayne), she has information that during this time batman has cataloged metahumans and its technologies around the world . The government wants the data.

The central villain Suicide squad (the target group) may be bruce wayne (cristian bale).

Another hypothesis is that Joker (Heath Ledger) is the villain, if the character is kept alive, then suicide squad goes after him. In this case, amanda waller would try to get joker first to through him would try to find bruce wayne .

Each villain who make up the suicide squad also has their personal stories and motivations, which will also be used as the fact that they have to meet to hold another member of the group for example.

Lex Luthor also want this data and he has contacted in government through Rick flag (father) who, is corrupt.


XIV= Batman v Superman

There is no way to know how it will be displayed. So, I will analyze based on comics, trailers, easter eggs and spoilers. But they can show in a different way.

– In the comics, Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) has a family (mercenaries) who usually performs the work with him. MOS (after TDKR), Deathstroke was Batman and was the metropolis investigate the case.


– At the time of Zod alien revelation (after TDKR):


– Bruce was refugee and Deathstroke was Batman.He and his family went for metropolis to investigate. With the city being destroyed, Deathstroke ordered his family to take refuge in buildings of wayne enterprises, because he knows bruce.He receives a phone call informing that the buildings of wayne enterprises were also hit.


– Ben Affleck (slade) runs desperate to rubble because his family is there. A simple smoke debris can infect and kill a human, more Deathstroke (slade) is metahuman, But his family dies.        


Here also you have two options:

Option 1 :
Option 2:


The girl had (kind of) 10 years. It has been 7 or 10 years (from MOS to BvS) and today she has around 17-20 years, Rose Wilson became the “Ravager”, played by Jenna Malone .
They can also skip this part (with the child being rescued only) and shows ravager already in the adult form played by Jenna Malone ‘cos in some comics, Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade with another woman ( Lillian Worth not with Adelaine wilson).

– Robin john blake, already crazy , wrote this message at journal to rembember deathstroke(slade wilson) that he failed to save your family.


” Years later from TDKR . Lex Luthor (super-genius) creates a Superman clone (bizarro) and a fake army of worshipers (the red capes) to be led by bizarro. Zod’s body is used as base to receive the cloning and so have a clone in adult form without waiting for the growth phase. Luthor captured Kalel with kryptonite, got his blood and the genetic code of Kryptonians placed by Jorel in MOS (Codex), which enables cloning. Luthor didn’t kill kalel ‘cos he doesn’t know how (kryptonite doesn’t kill kalel).But he defames the hero with the cloned villain and his army while trying to find a scientific way to kill him. If defeat kalel, Luthor will turn hero and reach the presidency ‘cos people think that superman is evil because of MOS and bizarre clone took his place. He also wants data from metahumans who are with Bruce wayne (bale) to form an invincible bodyguard. “

Below, the army of “red capes” kneeling to their leader, Superman clone (bizarro).


In “new 52”, bizarro is created from a Superman cloning process, all funded by lex luthor. The scientist conducting the experiment is the Chinese Dr.Teng. If you look in the trailer, the scientist leading the experiment (BvS) is a Chinese, an obvious reference to the birth of bizarro in “new 52”:


BvS toys again denounced. We see below a superman, but with the head of the bizarro, indicating that the character is in the movie:


Zach snyder also put an easter egg in the Man of steel battle, pointing out that Bizarro will be the villain of next movie.Zod turns Superman’s body and the camera focuses on the Zod’s eye where appears a ‘S’ inverted, the Bizarro symbol.


Bruce Wayne (Bale) has the idea of ​​deceiving luthor in the same way that he’s fooling everyone. For this, Bruce contacts Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) to resume Batman and makes Luthor waste time while Bruce works behind bringing together metahumans and rescuing Superman (kalel) .Deathstroke doesn’t want to resume being Batman because of the death of his family and the madness of Robin, but he’s convinced by Wintergreen. Deathstroke creates an armor to fight against the Bizarro. In several other comics characters used a Batman armor and they weren’t Bruce wayne . Here are a few examples, showing Commissioner Gordon with Batman armor in the ‘New 52,’ and Azrael in the ’90s… and finally Deathstroke (Slade) in BvS.


Bruce works with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) to appear in this huge fight, which is why Deathstroke must give the signal…


The fight starts on the ground and then Ben Affleck goes to the roof to light up the sky with the bat-signal. He is waiting for Bruce Wayne to turn up with a meta-human army. The meta-humans join Deathstroke and defeat Bizarro and the Red Capes.

In most of the comics and animations, Bizzaro fools everyone into thinking that he is Kal-El. Once discovered, his face turns into a monster’s. This can also happen in BvS with him being a ‘beta’ version of Doomsday. With the monster loose, the League needs Kal-El to help them: Bruce, Deathtroke and meta-humans attack the prison where the real Superman is, and Kal-El joins the group. The monster is defeated. After the final battle, Lex is arrested and the League is established. It may be that Deathstroke is a part of this.

Wonder Woman runs research into cloning and Luthor’s experiments, so many things will come from her point of view. In ‘New 52,’ Rose Wilson loses an eye while having contact with kryptonite. Fighting with the clone could even be the way that Deathstroke lost an eye. This all leads to Brainiac being the central villain in the Justice League movie.



Just like in the Empire Strikes Back, Batman begins, TDKR, Iron Man 3 and Sixth sense, the plot twist will be revealed at the end of movie (BvS): during the movie the script will fuel the idea that Affleck is Bruce and that BvS / MOS are not connected to the Nolan trilogy, including the use of dreams to confuse the public. The Bizarro also won’t be revealed at first.

Affleck will be called Batman and Irons will be called the ‘Butler’ or ‘Major.’ Irons will also called Affleck, “Master.” After the revelation of this plot twist, their ordinary names will be used.



XV=Final: Answer to trailer’s enigma

ENIGMA SOLUTION : We know that question in the trailer has to do with ‘Outsiders’ comic book  where Batman is Deathstroke. Zach snyder, close to that question (?), put a sprayed graffiti on two pillars with the words:


We see the word “Joe”. Below, + we have “KAY” then there is no definite letter , but a slash (/) and then “a” (kay / a).

The second shows “Joe” and only “KA”.

The same terms, but what is it?

The first pillar :

“Joe” is short for “Joseph Wilson,” the “Jericho” the son of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke).

“Kay / a” is surname / name, type “bond / james (James Bond)”. Means “KAYNE / Adeline (Adeline kayne)” or full name “Adeline Kayne wilson”. Slade Wilson’s wife.

The second pillar :

The same terms, “Joe” and he puts only “KA” because the word “KAYNE” can be written KAYNE (Old English) or modern “KANE” without y. In comics appears more this second form, so he just puts the “KA” in the second pillar.This is the family of Deathstroke (Slade) and they always die in comics, in the “new 52” they were killed by north Korea. In this universe probably died in the events of MAN OF STEEL. We can see “Adeline kane ” and “Slade” talking about Jericho in the “Judas Contract”. Jericho is called “joe” equal in sprayed graffiti on BvS trailer:


We will solve all the BvS trailer puzzles while Deathstroke as Batman regrets the death of your family:


For the great public, Batman is the Nolan and commercially is more intelligent to continue this idea to leave and create another realistic universe with another realistic Batman.Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) is considered the greatest character in the DC for new generations and he appears in animations, games, series and products, becoming copied by Stan Lee when he created the “Deadpool” in marvel . Weirdly Slade wasn’t scheduled to appear in “DC universe on big screen” … or else he would be played by a 5th level actor…Played by Ben Affleck he will be a kind of “Iron man” or “Nick Fury” of DC that will use the movie to leverage the character at same level of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, which is what Marvel did with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy (previously not as known) to become as famous as Spiderman, X men and fantastic Four.



This thesis was written by Rick ,TOTAL SPOILER Editor, Brazilian pop culture specialists.

[email protected]

IMPORTANTE : As already said in thesis, years have passed and nothing drops the thesis. However, from the thesis,  the next  trailers and photos may use tactics to distract the public about the plot twist. These parts will be properly refuted in the link below, as well as this link is the area for discussions about the thesis in the comments section. Just click on it:

Debate & contra refutação da tese do plot twist


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