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You already can read the official refutation for the latest trailer of Batman V Superman.

You must click the link below. 

Refutation of trailer




  • SteveRogers

    What is this a test for? Your apology letter?

  • SteveRogers

    You’re delusional. You have reverse-engineered a an explanation based on the fanciful premise that Christian Bale will return as Batman. To support that theory, you have cherry-picked the frames from the trailer that you think most closely resemble depictions of Slade Wilson in the comics. Look up “confirmation bias” sometime. And the thing of it is, none of the shots of Affleck make him look anything like Slade Wilson. They don’t. They just objectively do not. Batman stands on top of a building in both things? Really, that’s what you came up with? Batman stands on top of buildings ALL THE TIME. It’s basically his whole thing. Seek help.

  • Night of the Lepus

    This is more convoluted than the last one, in fact it’s just plain stupid

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